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The SAS uses a two-part process to enable a seller of a highly appreciated capital asset (real estate, business, collectibles, contract rights, etc.) to defer the tax liability on the sale for decades, while at the same time receiving a tax-free lump sum cash payment at escrow closing that is nearly equivalent to sale proceeds.

The SAS is appropriate for sellers of highly-appreciated capital assets with a minimum sale price of $1,000,000. The SAS allows a seller to retain money that would otherwise be paid in taxes for the year of sale and use these funds for business or investment purposes.

For sellers of investment real estate, the SAS may be a better solution than a 1031 exchange because it has none of the onerous requirements and is also a true exit strategy. You are not forced to conform to investment choices that may not fit your objectives.

Also, the SAS does not require you to purchase insurance products, create new business entities, move money offshore, or implement complicated procedures. It is extremely simple and has no negative impact on your buyer.

In the short presentation below you will learn how the SAS might enhance the outcome of the sale of your highly-appreciated asset. The presentation is self-paced. To go to the next slide click on the dots at the bottom of the slide or hover over the slide and click on the right or left arrows that appear.

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Investment Property and the SAS

A slide presentation and capital gains tax estimator for investment property.


Answers to the most common questions we receive about the SAS approach to selling assets.

SAS Case Studies

Detailed case studies showing how much more tax-free cash our clients have received using the SAS.

Primary Residence Capital Gains Tax Estimator

An interactive capital gains tax estimator for the sale of a primary residence.

Value of Tax Deferral Estimator

An interactive value of tax deferral estimator to examine hypothetical investment return scenarios.

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