Capital Gains Tax Estimator – Primary Residence

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to estimate the amount of capital gains you will pay when you sell your primary residence.

  1. Simply download this easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet
  2. Open the spreadsheet using Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Sheets
  3. Enter the details of the transaction and your tax status

The Estimator illustrates the likely result of selling your home without appropriate tax planning, and provides the first part of our Tax Analysis. This is an estimate of your net sale proceeds, taxable gain, and amount of capital gains tax liability. This tax liability represents the dollar amount that might be due and payable to the government for the current tax year (non-deferred).

To find out how much additional tax-free cash you might receive at close of escrow using the SAS planning approach, simply request your own personalized Tax Analysis. There is no cost and no obligation and it will provide the information necessary for you to evaluate whether a SAS is right for you.
Capital Gains Tax Estimator Data Entry Screenshot

Capital Gains Tax Estimator Report Screenshot

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