SAS and Investment Property

The SAS has many benefits over a 1031 Exchange. The SAS:

  • Provides a true exit strategy for those wanting to get out of real estate ownership
  • Replacement property purchase and time-frame requirements are eliminated
  • Has no “like-kind” restriction if subsequent property is purchased
  • Does not compromise bargaining position because of arbitrary time limits
  • Allows proceeds to be used to purchase any investment class, not just real estate
  • Allows for sale of capital assets to related parties
  • May rescue a failed 1031 exchange
  • Can provide greater tax benefit if you choose to purchase new properties

In the short presentation below discover why the SAS may be a better solution than a 1031 Exchange when selling investment real estate. The presentation is self-paced. To go to the next slide click on the dots at the bottom of the slide or hover over the slide and click on the right or left arrows that appear.

The Tax Analysis

We prepare this report for you to provide a detailed analysis of how a SAS might benefit your financial outcome. Use it to evaluate whether a SAS is right for you.

By selling using the SAS planning approach the sellers receive $1,655,382 more in projected tax-free cash available at close of escrow.

To find out how much additional tax-free cash you might receive at close of escrow using the SAS planning approach, simply request your own personalized Tax Analysis. We’ll estimate your capital gains tax liability for you and then generate your money flow projection with and without the SAS.

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