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We are experts at analyzing your tax problem, determining how best to solve it using tax law, and bringing the greatest value in tax savings and profit to you. With no up-front cost or obligation, we calculate the projected taxes, research and pinpoint the solutions, and report to you the varying benefits specific to your situation.

Here are a few examples of clients who we have helped keep significantly more of their tax dollars.

Warren Buffett Emphasizes Tax Deferral Above Avoidance

If someone offered you an interest-free loan to buy a house, and the offer was legitimate, you would take it. As Warren Buffet has said more than once, using active tax planning to defer taxes is exactly that: An interest-free loan from the government. Buffett usually...

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Tax Planning is an Investment Like No Other

If I told you I can guarantee you 100% return on your investment in 60 days, would you believe me? No? Okay, what if I added, “…with little or no risk!”? If you are anywhere close to being a rational person, your mind is screaming: “This is a scam! Run the other way!” However, if you look at investing through the lens of saving taxes, my offer is valid: Every dollar you save on a tax bill equals a dollar more in your pocket, a 100% return.

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Businessman Sells Company – Keeps Taxes in His Pocket for Years

Read this intriguing case study about a tax planning method that allowed a business owner to lawfully walk away from escrow closing with NO immediate capital gains taxes due, deferring them for decades to come. And they received a tax-free lump sum of money at closing that is nearly equivalent to the amount of the sale proceeds.

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Control the Tax Bite When Selling Real Estate

Triggering capital gains taxes is the most common deterrent that keeps a property owner from selling their appreciated property. Learn how our tax laws actually provide legal, viable ways by which you can mitigate taxes and keep more of the gain when you sell.

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Defer Capital Gains Taxes Without a 1031 Exchange

See a detailed breakdown showing how I helped a client receive almost $390,000 more money in their pocket tax-free at closing than they would have with a straight asset sale by using an IRS memorandum that allows capital asset sellers to lawfully walk away from escrow closing with NO immediate capital gains taxes due and a tax-free lump sum of money that is nearly equivalent to the sale proceeds.

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