We are a tax analysis and solutions research company that shows wealthy clients how to walk away from escrow closing with NO immediate capital gains taxes due.

Are you dreading paying excessive capital gains taxes triggered by the sale of a highly-appreciated residential property, investment property, or business? Without a well-crafted tax strategy, your profits may needlessly be taken to pay a hefty tax bill at the time of your sale.

Alternatively, you could use a strategy coveted by savvy wealthy investors to walk away from escrow closing with absolutely NO immediate capital gains taxes due. Even if you are already in escrow or have a failed 1031 exchange, it may still be possible to solve your tax problem while maximizing your profit when escrow closes.

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Tax Analysis Case Study

A retiree had owned for many years a personal residence now valued at $2.9 million. With her children grown with families of their own, she decided to downsize and buy another home. However, she was hesitant to sell after learning she would have to pay more than $390,000 in capital gains taxes.

Specialized Asset Sale (SAS) Solution

After reviewing the personalized Pre-Sale Tax Analysis and Money Flow Projection™ we prepared for her, she decided to sell her home and defer the tax liability for decades. At close of escrow she received $215,637 more in-hand tax-free than she would have otherwise, a 19.5% increase.

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The Tax Analysis Report

We prepare this report for you to provide a detailed analysis of how a SAS might benefit your financial outcome. Use it to evaluate whether a SAS is right for you.

The foregoing projection is for illustrative purposes only and is based on assumed data which is subject to change. Before a decision is made regarding the use of any tax planning strategy, the Seller is encouraged to provide accurate numbers and obtain independent analysis and review from the Seller’s own CPA and legal counsel.

Additional SAS Information

SAS And The Tax Code

The steps utilized to achieve tax deferral have been in the tax code for almost 100 years. The SAS approach is NOT a tax shelter. It is simply a way to sell capital assets supported by tax law enacted in 1918. In 2012 the Office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS issued…

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Your Financial Team

We strongly encourage you to involve your CPA and any other tax or legal counsel in the SAS process as soon as possible. The SAS strategy may provide you with a substantial improvement in the outcome of your sale. We will work closely with you and your advisors to…

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The Value of Tax Deferral

The value of tax deferral is twofold: the ability to invest the deferred taxes for potential growth; and to eventually pay the tax with cheaper dollars, which is in effect a tax reduction. Let’s look at a hypothetical example where…

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A slide presentation describing how the SAS can improve the outcome of your asset sale.


Answers to the most common questions we receive about the SAS approach to selling assets.

SAS Case Studies

Detailed case studies showing how much more tax-free cash our clients have received using the SAS.

Investment Property and the SAS

A slide presentation and capital gains tax estimator for investment property.

Primary Residence Capital Gains Tax Estimator

An interactive capital gains tax estimator for the sale of a primary residence.

Value of Tax Deferral Estimator

An interactive value of tax deferral estimator to examine hypothetical investment return scenarios.

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