We are a tax analysis and solutions research company that shows wealthy clients how to get better results when selling highly appreciated assets.

Are you dreading paying excessive capital gains taxes triggered by the sale of a highly-appreciated residential property, investment property, or business? Without a well-crafted tax strategy, your profits may needlessly be taken to pay a hefty tax bill at the time of your sale.

Alternatively, you could use a strategy coveted by savvy wealthy investors to boost your profit from your sale. Even if you are already in escrow or have a failed 1031 exchange, it may still be possible to solve your tax problem while maximizing your profit when escrow closes.

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SAS And The Tax Code

The steps utilized to achieve tax deferral have been in the tax code for almost 100 years. The SAS approach is NOT a tax shelter. It is simply a way to sell capital assets supported by tax law enacted in 1918. In 2012 the Office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS issued…

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Your Financial Team

We strongly encourage you to involve your CPA and any other tax or legal counsel in the SAS process as soon as possible. The SAS strategy may provide you with a substantial improvement in the outcome of your sale. We will work closely with you and your advisors to…

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The Value of Tax Deferral

The value of tax deferral is twofold: the ability to invest the deferred taxes for potential growth; and to eventually pay the tax with cheaper dollars, which is in effect a tax reduction. Let’s look at a hypothetical example where…

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